Ravenwood Athens

Athens comes from the Zeus bloodlines.  He is such a joy to pleasure drive around the country side.  He doesn't let anything bother him - he's as bold as they come.  He's a good baby sitter
for the young ones too - donkeys and kids, both!  We love Athens!

Height:    34 ½"

DOB:        May 3, 2013
Sire:          Ravenwood Zeus III
Dam:        Querrey's Q-T's Susie


--Sold to California family--

ASSN9 Stratten

Stratten is one of those donkeys that is perfect in every way.  He is so attentive, affectionate, caring, athletic, playful, etc, etc, etc. He does well in the show ring, aiming to please both the driver and the judge.  He's such a pleasure to take shopping (Pet's Mart), showing off in a parade, pleasure driving or letting kids dress him up and love on him.  He is out of the same bloodlines as most of our Jennets (Cobra's).

Height:    32"
DOB:        March 18, 2014
Sire:         BlueGrass Littlejohn
Dam:        Moon 24 Karat Gold